Uploaded new Entertainment Today clip to Youtube in as hi a def as I could.

Not the 4 minute Regal footage released the other day! Another behind the scenes press clip! Also 4 minutes long!

Some of “Who Am I” in there, with a lyric change, “Red and Black”, along with other great shots!

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New Les Misérables TV Spot: “Dream” [x]

New Les Misérables TV Spot: “Dream” [x]

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The new Les Miserables movie poster

The new Les Miserables movie poster

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New cover photo on the Les Mis film’s Facebook page! [x]

New cover photo on the Les Mis film’s Facebook page! [x]

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Doing some Les Mis math..


So I sat down last night and really looked at the new extended preview and the trailer - and tried to put the pieces together, to find get a better picture of how the movie will eventually end up looking like.. Lots of Javert’s stuff is really just a shot because there are no real hints, but I’ll try to find logic in what I’ve come to.. It’s very spoiler-y so if you don’t want to be spoiled now would be a good time to just keep scrolling :)

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Eddie Redmayne behind the scenes of Les Misérables

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In just the one line where we hear Eddie Redmayne sing “Cosette, Cosette”, you can already tell he’s going to be better than Nick Jonas

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I am so excited and so terrified for the Les Miserables movie 

Les Mis is my life and I just 

what if they mess it up 

what if they ruin it 

oh my god 



what if it is actually good 

what if it’s amazing 

my love, my life is being made into a movie 

and I’m terrified 

all that I know with 100% certainty is that I will bawl throughout the entire movie 

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Eddie Redmayne in Les Misérables

This man…

Wait, more like this movie…

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